• Ok, this pencil scarf doesn't really write, but it's made by hand to look just like the yellow pencils you love. It's warm and cozy and will protect you from the winter chill while making everyone around you smile.   Personalize with up to 8 letters or numbers which appear near the eraser like on a real pencil. Ideas: name, school,...

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  • Doll Fashions

    Abigail loves dolls! And she loves designing, knitting, and crocheting clothes for her dolls. Hats, sweaters, dresses, scarves... Abigail loves making them all!

  • Children's Apparel

    Abigail is a mom of two, and she's been hand knitting and crocheting socks, hats, and sweaters for her children since they were babies. The children's apparel she makes (with love!) would be perfect for your kids or as a gift which will be treasured for years.

  • Women's Accessories

    Abigail doesn't just make things for dolls and children -- she makes things for grownups too! Scarves and more, fashionable, eclectic, and whimsical.